eSlip first launched its business with a simple idea – employers deserve world class customer service from their payroll provider. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services beyond payroll, but payroll remains at the heart of everything we do.


eSlip Electronic Payslips


Traditionally, payslips have been paper documents handed out to each employee. This out-dated method of payroll brings with it several issues that eSlip Electronic Payslips solve.

  • Risky – Paper payslips are totally unsecure and pose security threats.
  • Slow – Paper payslips face added time delay and expense sending to remote workers or multiple offices.
  • Fragile – Paper payslips often get lost or damaged and take time to replace with duplicates.
  • Limiting – Paper payslips can only be viewed by one person at any one time.

Moving to eSlip Electronic Payslips solves these problems. With eSlip Payroll, your employees can instantly receive electronic payslips without the need for additional software or website log-in, which provides a full range of benefits.

  • Enhance security – Electronic Payslips are sent encrypted via email ensure all information is safe and secure.
  • Save time – instant delivery of payslips on pay day itself, be it monthly, weekly or fortnightly.
  • Access 24/7 – your head office, satellite office and remote workers can view payslips any time on any device.
  • Trusted technology – with no new software to learn eSlips are delivered in a format familiar to everyone.
  • Be more green – by no longer using paper to print your payslips, you can support the environment too.

Q&A. Your questions answered


Is there a minimum contract period?

eSlip commit to consistent high service levels and to demonstrate their confidence in their service levels they do not require their customers to commit to a minimum term.

How do I transfer my payroll to eSlip?

EASY. Transferring to eSlip is simple, just sign our one page quotation and send us three reports (Employee Basic Details, P11 PAYE and P11 NIC). If we need anything else we will contact you and talk you through it.

I am a new start up business. Can you guide me through the process of getting a payroll started?

OF COURSE. Just ask for our five-minute guide for new start businesses. If you have any further queries after this, our experienced staff will be able you to help you through the process.

Are there any set-up fees?

Our standard eSlip system requires no set up fees. For bespoke systems with more complex payrolls this would be subject to specification.

Are there any extra charges?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We charge per payslip, for BACS money transfer (if required) and postage, that’s all.

How do you handle starters?

SEAMLESSLY. Just email us the new employees’ details and their start date and we will do the rest including online in year filing. At no extra charge.

How do you handle leavers?

SEAMLESSLY. Just email us the employee leave date and where you wish their P45 to be sent. We will do the rest including online in year filing.

Do you take care of Online In-Year Filing?

YES. Where we advise HMRC on your behalf of any P45s issued and of all your new starters. This saves you the time of sending of the employer’s copy of the P45s/P46s.

Where do the payslips get sent?

DIRECT TO YOU. Typically, payslips are posted back to a client’s main office. We also will separate payslips and send them to different satellite offices and even directly to employees’ home addresses.

What happens if I have a last-minute change?

SIMPLE. Just phone us or email us and we will make the change for you and rerun the payroll and payslips if necessary – at no extra charge.

What support will I get?

FULL SUPPORT. All eSlip’s support is based in the UK. Simply ring our client support number and you will be talking to the team that handles your payroll.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

WE TAKE CARE OF IT. To make life easy for you, we supply a personalised schedule for you of all the pay dates for the current tax year. So, you know when to send us overtime figures etc. If you are late, we will remind you and still make sure the payroll is run on time.

How safe is my data?

EXTREMELY. Security is paramount at eSlip. Your data is highly encrypted and stored on our own secure servers for complete peace of mind.

Can I have electronic payslips?

YES. As standard, we email all our clients PDF copy payslips in the same format as the security envelopes we post out. Indeed, you will receive these ahead of time so you can check them and still make last minute changes if you have forgotten something.

Can I have extra copies of P60s?

YES. We supply as standard PDF copy P60s in the same format as the original security envelope ones. The copies are clearly marked “Duplicate” to comply with HMRC rules.