Town & Parish Councils – Outsourced Payroll Services

Town & Parish Councils – Outsourced Payroll Services

Town & Parish Councils – Outsourced Payroll Services

Solution Details:

Dedicated payroll services for Town Councils and Parish Councils.

Payroll is without doubt one of the most significant areas of accounting within town and parish councils and local community groups fraught with complications.

Many town/parish clerks and staff in community groups have little or no experience calculating and reporting PAYE (Pay As You Earn) and N.I. (National Insurance) to HMRC and a distinct lack of in-house expertise on specific HMRC legislation. Essential training is not readily available to staff and expensive software licenses and ongoing updates can be outside of the council’s budget.

Mistakes with payroll can be very costly to both the employee and employer. Outsourcing your payroll to eSlip Payroll ensures that everything is taken care of correctly by a company that not only provides a first-class service but also has the hands-on experience working with other local councils.

Our Town Council and Parish Council payroll solution includes –

  • Setup of new employees with no extra charges
  • Option to pay direct into employees’ bank accounts via dedicated BACS system
  • Process Leavers and production of forms P45
  • Preparation of End of Year Returns P35 and P14/P60
  • Detailed security sealed printed payslips or electronic payslips emailed direct to you and your employee

Our comprehensive payroll solution for Town and Parish Councils delivers a flexible, streamlined and secure payroll service, relieving the stresses of running a payroll department in house and offering many tangible benefits, not least, that both council staff and councillors can utilise more of their time productively to meet community needs.

eSlip provide clear straightforward pricing which allows local councils to accurately manage their budget. The price we quote has no extras or hidden fees.

To find out more about our payroll services for Town Councils and Parish Councils, and how you can benefit, please contact us TODAY on 01279 851000 or email