Schools & Academies – Outsourced Payroll Services

Schools & Academies – Outsourced Payroll Services

Schools & Academies – Outsourced Payroll Services

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Traditionally, Local Authorities have provided a payroll service to the education sector with little to no competition, but this has now changed for the better.

With the introduction of the new Academy status, schools now have the freedom and flexibility to take control over their own finances, Head teachers and Managers can make business decisions without the influence of local authorities, in particularly the way that they pay their staff.

There are several unique payroll challenges specific to schools and academies. Pay scales, pensions, a mix of permanent and supply staff and job share all add to the complexities of school payroll, all of which are taken care of with eSlip Payroll.

Our dedicated payroll service allows you to outsource your payroll at a considerable cost saving with complete confidence. We handle education from nursery and pre-school, through primary, junior and secondary schools, and beyond for colleges and further education facilities, with the same level of commitment to each.

With technology enabling highly efficient remote working, schools and academies are realising the huge benefits, both cost-saving and time-saving, that working by email and phone can bring. This is further enhanced with the benefits and features that electronic payroll offers. Working more streamlined means that professional payroll services have become affordable to all, enabling even the smallest of schools to reap the rewards.

Schools and academies are unlike many businesses where their staff are their greatest asset and equally their largest overhead. An accurate on-time payroll service for your staff is extremely important. Outsourcing through a dedicated payroll service provides a level of independence to school and academy staff that the local authority cannot deliver. Many schools prefer the reassurance and convenience of outsourcing their payroll to a reputable provider. It boosts confidence in staff, knowing that their payroll is being managed professionally.

eSlip will calculate your pay, provide daily support and take away the burden of running your payroll and keeping up to date with the latest HMRC legislation.

Making the switch to eSlip is simple. We take care of everything and support you fully through the transition. Once up and running we are there alongside you to provide immediate help and support whenever and wherever you need it.

To find out more about our payroll services for schools and academies, please contact us TODAY on 01279 851000 or email

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