Accountants – Outsourced Payroll Services

Accountants – Outsourced Payroll Services

Accountants – Outsourced Payroll Services

Solution Details:

eSlip Payroll offers a range of outsourced payroll services to accountants, empowering them to offer a quality Payroll Service as part of their mix and thus enabling them to focus on their key business services while still generating additional revenue from payroll.

eSlip Payroll Services offers outsource solutions for Accountants empowering them to offer quality Payroll Services to their clients as part of their package whilst freeing up time and generating revenue.

This works in a variety of ways to suit the individual needs of both the accountant and their client ensuring a seamless and highly efficient service.

Option 1 – Payroll Partner

Many accountant ants offer a fully inclusive service to their client, which can include a dedicated payroll service. The addition of a dedicated Payroll Partner can add significant benefit and appeal to the complete package offered by the accountant.

Accountants can be confident that all communication between eSlip and the client are completely transparent ensuring that the accountant always has full access to the information and a clear history of all payroll processing.

As a Payroll Partner, we would communicate directly with the client as eSlip Payroll Service, copying the accountant if required. We offer the choice of invoicing the client directly or invoicing the accountant enabling the accountant to include a payroll admin charge as part of the total solution.

Option 2 – Client Referral

Referring Payroll Services to your client with the confidence that the client is in good hands and their requirements will be fulfilled. Leaving you free to focus on your business.

We work directly with the client as eSlip Payroll Services. Invoice clients directly for our services

Option 3 – Payroll Department

Where an accountant prefers to present Payroll Services as an in-house resource, or where clients wish to have a single point of contact, eSlip Payroll can provide a seamless virtual payroll department.

Having intuitive email, systems and technology eSlip can present as the accountants’ internal payroll department. All communications direct with the client are conducted as an internal department of the accountant and NOT as eSlip Payroll, from answering in-bound telephone calls to replying to any emails. Transparency of service is maintained throughout with the accountant having full access to all communications between eSlip Payroll and the client.

All ‘Payroll Department’ services would be invoiced directly to the accountant. eSlip Payroll would remain anonymous and would not have any financial dealings direct with the client.

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