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The True Cost Of Outsourcing Payroll – Is The Cheapest Outsourced Payroll Option Really The Best?

True Cost Of Outsourcing Payroll - eSlip Payroll

There are many outsourced payroll providers – but all services, as you well know, are not equal. If you’re asking yourself the question “should I outsource my payroll?”, you’re almost inevitably following it up with “how much is going to cost?”. Be wary of using the cheapest payroll provider you can find, however, as they may end up costing you even more in the long run.

Why Is Cheap Not Always Cheerful?

When businesses and accountants in the UK outsource payroll, they generally think about how little they can get away with spending. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; we all want to get the best possible deal. The trouble is, however, that when outsourcing payroll services, cost isn’t the only consideration you should be making – what’s important is the quality of service, relative to that cost.

The first thing to think about is lack of experience. Inexperienced payroll providers will offer lower rates of service to break into the marketplace. There’s nothing wrong with that – everyone has to start somewhere – but it’s worth thinking about because you’re entrusting your valuable payroll obligations to these people – so at least be sure you trust their talent and training.

Something else to consider is that not all payroll providers are fully upfront with their service costs. There is a risk of them leaving out certain costs to provide a more attractive initial quote, then when you’re tied into a contract, they will spring a host of hidden charges on you. This is stress you don’t need when you’re a busy accountant or business owner, so of course is to be avoided.

Then there’s the other option, which is their service is so unreliable they simply can’t charge any more than the bare minimum.

How Do You Avoid These Troubles?

“Cheap” payroll outsourcing costs UK accountants and businesses a lot more than the initial quote in the long run. The thing to do is make sure you have done your homework on any firm you intend to outsource payroll to. Check up on their qualifications, how they deal with their customers, and what previous customers have to say about them – do this before you commit yourself.

Something else to think about is that the services of an experienced and reliable outsourced payroll provider are an investment, not a cost. At eSlip Payroll, for example, we provide payroll outsourcing for accountants and business owners who demand the best. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we do claim to offer excellent value for money relative to the quality of our service. Get in touch today to speak to one of our experts.

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