BACS Payment Services


Add further benefit to your eSlip Payroll Service with our simple, accurate BACS Payment Service, ensuring that employees, pension providers and HMRC are paid on time, every time.


Our BACS Payment Service offers complete peace-of-mind as part of the total eSlip Payroll Service. Adding BACS Payment Service to your payroll is easy. Our team will set up your secure BACS Payment Service for you, taking you through each step, providing valuable help and advice when and where it is needed. Once set up we simply take care of everything, managing BACS payments to all employees, pension providers and HMRC on your behalf.

Banks Automated Clearing System (BACS) was originally set up by the UK banking industry as a more secure and effective way to process payments of multiple financial transactions. BACS payments are used by 90% of all workers in the UK replacing the traditional paper-based method of billing payments through the collection of cheques or cash, both of which can be time consuming and error prone. Future payments can also be made to HMRC scheduled for the date they are due, eliminating the chance of missing the deadlines and incurring penalties for late payment.

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The key advantages of eSlip BACS Payment Service

  • BACS Payment automates regular secure payments.
  • BACS Payment reduces banking charges by up to 80% when compared to more conventional bank payments such as cheques or cash payments.
  • BACS Payment aids your cash flow; you know exactly when the funds are leaving your account.
  • BACS Payment reduces the administration time of transferring bulk payments.
  • Automated payments remove the need to write and post cheques.
  • Direct payments are cost effective by delivering payments electronically.
  • BACS transfers are secure payments that eliminate the risk late payments due to the postal system.

Call our friendly eSlip Payroll team today on 01279 851000 to see how moving to BACS payments will offer complete peace of mind to both you and your employees.