Our Culture


Ask anyone at eSlip what they love about their job and the responses will be as diverse as the personalities. Here are just few of the things that set us apart.


Client first

It all starts with taking care of our clients first. It’s our number one guiding principle and what drives all our decisions. Our can-do attitude means nothing is ever too much, and everything is possible.Read more

Take care of each other

Most people spend a third of their life working. We want that time to be filled with meaningful, healthy relationships.Read more

Do the right thing

We believe in good technology, good deeds and good business. It’s not just business, it’s personal. It doesn’t go without saying, so we say it. And we mean it.Read more

Get the job done

We never leave for tomorrow what can be done today.Read more

Foster teamwork

We believe in everyone’s individual talent. But to win a championship, you need a team.Read more

Respect diversity

To stay innovative, forward-thinking and ahead of the game, diversity is a must have, not a nice to have.Read more

Improve personally and professionally

We do not believe in treading water. Every person has room to grow.Read more

Keep Promises

We keep our promises and save time for our customers by using our knowledge, systems and processes to deliver efficient and cost effective payroll services.Read more

Keep it Simple

Though our eSlip system is highly sophisticated, the experience of using it is simple, fluid and intuitive. This in turn makes it a joy to use for our clients.Read more

Approach each day with enthusiasm

We believe the secret to success is actually pretty simple: make every day count.Read more

Have fun along the way

Remember what we said about spending at least a third of your life at work? Well then, by all means, let’s make it a fun ride.Read more