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eSlip Payroll is entirely UK based, operating from our offices near Stansted Airport, and is currently running over 1,000 payrolls every month. Employers can quickly, easily and securely pay employees direct, freeing up valuable time and resources to be spent more efficiently on their core business.


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Payroll has evolved. Have you?

Why eSlip payroll?


Whether switching to outsourced payroll or simply switching your provider, getting on-board with eSlip Payroll is easy.


While some payroll managers might be considering the difference between handling payroll internally and outsourcing it, others might simply be looking at the possibility of switching providers and what that entails. There are several reasons why you might want to leave their current payroll provider such as high prices, excessive fees, poor support, slow response time, not feeling valued as a key customer or lack of simple electronic payroll services. Whatever your reason, we will help you forget the negatives and focus on the positives that eSlip will bring.

We focus on electronic payroll solutions for small and medium sized businesses, not-for-profit organisations, schools and academies, hospitality and leisure groups, recruitment agencies and accountants throughout the UK. With our hand-picked team of professional staff, we bring a level of service that is beyond comparison.

At eSlip you can become confident, and work smarter from day one, with your own dedicated eSlip Payroll consultant on hand to get you set up and hit the floor running from the word go. Not to mention a host of benefits for you the employer and your employees.



  • Trial payroll runs
  • Free rerunning of the payroll if you forget something
  • Unlimited customisable payments and deductions
  • Setting up new starters for no charge
  • Ad hoc payslips mid month for leavers
  • Payslip detail options to minimise employee queries
  • Compilation of a detailed directory of employee details
  • Payments, including using different hourly rates
  • Student loans/court orders
  • P45 checking
  • What if calculations
  • Assistance with employee query resolution
  • Automatic calculation for mid-month starters/leavers/changes
  • Gross to net and net to gross calculations


  • Departmental costing across all your cost centres
  • HMRC remittance report
  • Customised finance system file extract
  • Electronic copy payslips
  • A comprehensive spreadsheet of each payroll for accurate management reporting/analysis
  • Payments and Deductions by any tax period and YTD
  • Starter/Leaver information sent electronically to the HMRC on your behalf
  • Standard Year End reports include P11s, P14s/P60s and P35s


  • A 12 month processing schedule agreed between us
  • Unlimited telephone support from our UK based team
  • Secure pressure sealed laser payslips
  • A schedule of all our charges up front – there will be no surprises
  • All data is protected with fail-safe backup processes

Our Clients


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Benefits for Employers

  • Simple, secure and immediate spreadsheet delivery direct to eSlip Payroll.
  • A hassle-free service that eliminates lost payslips and duplicate payslips as employees receive every payslip electronically direct to them.
  • No minimum or maximum number of employees.
  • View and export a list of employees.
  • View, send or print eSlips by individual or by pay period.
  • Access P60’s and P11D’s where applicable.
  • Access essential employee details such as name, dates and tax code.
  • Full Control with the ability to search for, download, save, forward or print eSlips from any device at any time.
  • It won’t save the planet overnight – but it’s a great start. eSlips offer a more environmentally friendly option for payroll management.
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Benefits for Employees

  • Increased efficiency with no more paper, no more filing and no more lost documents.
  • No additional software or login to third party website required.
  • Electronic payslips are delivered securely via email direct to each employee.
  • Easy access to payslips via smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Payslips available online or offline for complete access.
  • Easy access to proof of earnings when required for mortgages, loans and other financial applications.
  • Full Control with the ability to search for, download, save, forward or print eSlips from any device at any time.
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Our Culture


Ask anyone at eSlip what they love about their job and the responses will be as diverse as the personalities. Here are just few of the things that set us apart.


Client first

It all starts with taking care of our clients first. It’s our number one guiding principle and what drives all our decisions. Our can-do attitude means nothing is ever too much, and everything is possible.Read more

Take care of each other

Most people spend a third of their life working. We want that time to be filled with meaningful, healthy relationships.Read more

Do the right thing

We believe in good technology, good deeds and good business. It’s not just business, it’s personal. It doesn’t go without saying, so we say it. And we mean it.Read more

Get the job done

We never leave for tomorrow what can be done today.Read more

Foster teamwork

We believe in everyone’s individual talent. But to win a championship, you need a team.Read more

Respect diversity

To stay innovative, forward-thinking and ahead of the game, diversity is a must have, not a nice to have.Read more

Improve personally and professionally

We do not believe in treading water. Every person has room to grow.Read more

Keep Promises

We keep our promises and save time for our customers by using our knowledge, systems and processes to deliver efficient and cost effective payroll services.Read more

Keep it Simple

Though our eSlip system is highly sophisticated, the experience of using it is simple, fluid and intuitive. This is turn makes it a joy to use for our clients.Read more

Approach each day with enthusiasm

We believe the secret to success is actually pretty simple: make every day count.Read more

Have fun along the way

Remember what we said about spending at least a third of your life at work? Well then, by all means, let’s make it a fun ride.Read more

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